Where Do We Go From Here? / by Dana Segal

It's been ten days since Where Do We Go From Here at Camden People's Theatre and I've been thinking about how the fuck to start this blog post.  

Then I thought about how this whole thing started in the first place:

A ranty blog post

Followed by a Twitter conversation with a very amazing lady,

Followed by an idea

Followed by acting on that idea immidiately, and realising that there were probably some amazing people that could really help us act on that idea in the best way that we could.  

 There's something in the process I just described above that's part of the wider solution. I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but we're going somewhere from here with it. 

Admittedly the event itself was a bit of a blur for me, becuase it wasn't the usual event we've become acustom to expect about this kind of thing. There was no glossy paper, no presentations, no keynotes. Nothing to hide behind whilst we delved into tough questions, thoughts & feelings about our art; our work, our creation, our life blood.  

As tough as it was to get it out there, I came away with nothing but positive ideas, actions, and connections made. 

In fact, since the event, I've had some of the best ideas I've had in fucking ages. Not just 'artistic' ones either - ideas about life, relationships, purpose, meaning - all of which are helping me figure out exactly where I am right now.  

This is exactly why Where Do We Go From Here feels like a bloody important concept in itself.  

It's not really about 'well what next?'  - it's focus isn't 'over there' in a world that isn't now. It cuts the jargon and asks 'what the fuck is really going on here?! Lets be fucking honest about it and figure it out right here, right now'. 

That doesn't mean that we're stuck. It means that through this process, we're a little less lost; because at least we're understanding exactly where we are right now. And if we know where we are now, then it means we can point our compass north and start to venure to where we'd like to be. 

I've decided to pick out some of the things I like the most about where we're at now, and suggest actions following this event.

So where do we go from now?  In no particular order:

1) Lets paint the Arts Council. 

2) Lets find out more 'things' - not search for solutions (this one is for you Jonathan

3) Lets do more panels with people who have a C in economics, and also an economist.  (this one is for you David & Hasan)

4) Lets give everyone space to knit, in fact lets encourage everyone to knit as we talk about it, because knitting frees up the mind for some seriously clear and profound thoughts (this one is for you Jenny)

5) Lets have agendas full of questions, cut them up and then pick them out of a hat (this one is for you Stella

6) Lets all drink wine or beer or herbal tea to pacify our minds and relax enough to honestly say what we really want to say (this one is for you Jo)