We Wish We'd Thought of That... / by Dana Segal

What can I say? I was just so thrilled when I was asked to present the best fundraising ideas... I never had. 

Only kidding. I loved it!

Presenting something that isn't your own idea is totally and utterly inspiring. It gives us all a chance to think about what we could be doing more effectively, more laterally and more creatively, which is why I was chuffed to bits to present eight brilliant fundraising campaigns with my best mate and fellow fundraiser, Jill Richens. 

Jill & I will be publishing the presentation on the I Wish I Thought of That website soon, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to create a Storify that captured everyone's reactions from the session. You can also have a gander at the briliant campaigns we cited through the links below. 

D x